How to Have the Cleanest Carpets You’ve Ever Seen

clean-carpet-dogThe carpet in your home or office plays a huge role in the comfort and visual appeal of your space. However, because it covers all or part of your floor, carpet often attracts dirt and grime due to active feet, spilled drinks, etc. So how do you keep fabric covering such a large surface area neat and clean as it undergoes daily wear and tear?

Regular Vacuuming

Carpets contain fibers that need regular vacuuming to avoid compacted dirt and debris. Consider vacuuming twice a week, especially in high-traffic areas like your living room or the walkways between cubicles.

Stain Treat Quickly

Blotting spills immediately prevents them from sinking into your carpet. However, avoid rubbing the fabric, as this can wear down the fibers and set the stain. Instead, blot using white paper towels or fabric towels so as to avoid creating more stain with transferred dye. Continue to blot the area until dry and then vacuum over it to remove the moisture. Any remaining water left in the carpet can create mold and bacteria issues.

Get Specific

Some cleaners work better on certain types of carpet fabrics or stains. Consider diversifying your stain-removal methods so that the stain-remover acts as a specifically-tailored cleaning agent. The following list of removers and stain types can give you some inspiration:

  • Club soda: Coffee stains and red wine.

  • Salt: Mud or wine.

  • Cornstarch: Grease

  • Iron and transfer method: Candle wax

  • Nature’s Miracle: Pet stains.

If in doubt, you can always opt for a small portion of dishwashing soap and water. However, soap can be hard to remove from carpet and create dark patches.

Homemade Deodorizer

There’s nothing like a fresh-smelling carpet. In order to remove odors from your carpet, opt out of heavy chemical sprays and make a concoction of your own that works just as well. Simply mix baking soda and essential oil (only a few drops) and sprinkle on your carpet. For office spaces, opt for essential oils that enliven the senses and encourage alert minds, like lemon or orange. In your home, you may wish to use more relaxing scents like lavender or rose.

Finally, if you own your own business or manage a building, contacting a commercial cleaning company like Camberg can be an excellent decision. Rather than spending extra time tidying up your work space, rely on us to provide the regular maintenance to keep your carpets clean, presentable, and smelling fresh.


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