Commercial Office Cleaning Benefits Your Team AND Your Budget

clean-officeSome businesses, especially small ones, pride themselves on cleaning their own offices. The concept of saving money on services easily performed by you and your employees, like taking out the trash, can appeal to the startup mentality of saving for future growth.

However, as the old adage states, time is money. If you are finding the small tasks are adding up to substantial blocks of lost time throughout the day, you are, effectively, losing money. Consider the benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company to take care of the dirty work for you and your employees.

More Time for Work

Your company runs on your and your employees’ ability to git er’ done. When you’re attending to every sink full of dirty coffee mugs or vacuuming floors feverishly before a client comes in, you’re probably not making the most of the workday. According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information in 2013, the average adult attention span – or amount of concentrated time spent on a task without becoming distracted – was 8 seconds. Based on this model, taking your employees out of detailed, focus-driven tasks in order to remove trash bags can have a marked effect on their work product.

The “Ewe” Factor

Tasks like cleaning toilets and countertops that have been used by co-workers can easily frustrate employees and gross them out. Many, especially those with families, may view the office as a place free from the responsibilities of home, and caring for children, cleaning up after others, etc. By hiring a cleaning team, you allow your employees to focus on what they came to the office to do – work – and remove barriers to their concentration and morale by keeping their work setting clean, neat, and functionally serene.

Always Ready

Unplanned meetings from corporate headquarters or clients keep you on your toes. However, healthy pressure can turn into over-the-top stress if your office is dusty and less-than-sanitary, especially with less than an hour to prepare. This situation can compromise both your guests’ impression of your office and your employees’ preparation time. If you decide not to rush and tidy up, your guest will notice the lack of cleanliness. However, if you or one of your employees has to take the time to clean in a hurry, you both miss out on work time, and they may feel resentful as a result of having to take on responsibilities outside of their job description.

At Camberg, we want to blend seamlessly with your company’s schedule. Our goal is to streamline your internal processes by keeping your location in ship-shape, so you and your employees don’t have to. Spare your team the extra work and long-term losses to productivity, morale, and public image by investing in a team that comes in even once a month to help you maintain a sparkling and efficient workplace.

At Camberg Commercial Cleaning, we’re happy to discuss your office’s needs and come up with a game plan that works for you and your budget. Give us a call!
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