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Floor Cleaning

Camberg Commercial Cleaning offers a variety of floor cleaning services, depending upon what your particular needs are.

Your floors are most often the first thing a visitor see’s upon walking in your door. Lets keep that first impression a good one.

Tile Floors

Need to be professionally stripped, thoroughly rinsed, and then followed by a sealer and top quality finish.  Depending on the space, it may need to be buffed to bring out the full shine.

Wood Floors

Will need a thorough mopping. After flooring is dry, a wax would then be applied and buffed.

Marble Floors

Cleaning will start with a good machine scrub to ensure all soil and stains are removed. Some marble will need a special wax applied. Most will just need an occasional buffing.


Our trained staff at Camberg Commercial Cleaning will meet with you to discuss the specific needs of your floors. Camberg Commercial Cleaning will strive to provide the highest quality floor service at the lowest possible cost.

Daytime Building Service Support

If your regular night time cleaning isn’t quite enough for your needs, you might consider adding a few daytime services.

Camberg Commercial Cleaning can have professional personnel available to you for either specified time to include certain duties or we can come in for specified jobs at your request.

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