On-the-Job Safety Tips for Janitors

lego-janitorHere at Camberg Commercial Cleaning, we encourage all of our employees to work smart – and safe.

Janitorial work brings with it challenges, not the least of which is remaining safe while cleaning up sometimes-hazardous chemicals and chaotic work environments. Schools, offices, and industrial facilities all pose their share of risks, and the last thing we want is one of our staff members to get hurt on the job.

We always advise our janitors to adhere to the following safety protocols, for their safety and yours:

  • Wear comfortable, slip resistant shoes: Appropriate footwear on the job is essential. Slips and falls while mopping or waxing floors can happen easily, so we require our staff to wear shoes with rubber soles or grips on the bottoms to ensure a slip-free experience.

  • Wear protective gear when mixing chemicals: Chemical-resistant gloves, splash goggles, and long-sleeved shirts and pants are required when undertaking one of a janitor’s primary responsibilities – mixing chemicals with which to best clean, disinfect, and strip your surfaces. This work takes training and know-how, and part of that training includes safety protocols to reduce the likelihood of chemical burns. We encourage our staff to mix chemicals in well-ventilated areas and to never mix chemicals unless the manufacturer expressly instructs one to do so.

  • Practice safe lifting: Janitorial work often includes heavy lifting, handling materials, and repetitive motions, all of which can take a toll on your body. Bending your knees when lifting heavy objects and stretching your muscles before and after can help prevent injury and physical stress. Taking small breaks throughout the day and mixing simpler tasks with difficult ones helps our janitors avoid taxing one part of the body for too long.

  • Practice good personal hygeine: Cleaning up your property is our priority; cleaning up our team should not be yours. Our janitors and cleaning staff always employ proper hygeine, including washed hands and regular bathing, to ensure that their presence in your office or facility is a pleasant one.

Our janitors work hard to keep your property clean and efficient. Cleanliness should never come at the cost of safety, which is why we practice rigorous safety protocols to keep our team fit and ready to serve you.

Have questions or a recommendation about buildings with special safety requirements? Call us. We’re happy to talk it all through with you.

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