4 Cleaning Tips Your Janitor Never Told You

By adulthood, most of us can wash a dish. Scrub a toilet. Spray some windex on a mirrored surface when we absolutely have to.

However, those of us who work in office settings day in and day out know that keeping our spaces neat and clean takes more than the basics. Cleaning services can leave your space sparkling (something we pride ourselves on here at Camberg Commercial Cleaning), but usually keep their secrets to themselves.

Not anymore.

Here at Camberg, we’re coming clean (ha!), sharing our secrets with you in the areas of dusting, floor cleaning, and carpet-cleaning; tricks of the trade that you can take with you.

Secret Cleaning Weapon: Microfiber Cloths

When you dust with a regular cloth, you’re really just moving dust around. Instead of clinging to the cloth, it flies up into the air, soon to land on another surface that will then require dusting. Solve this repetitive problem by switching to microfiber cloths. Dust clings to them and holds on for dear life, so there is no transfer of particles into the air, and surfaces get fully clean.

Black Shoe Marks? No problem.

If your tennis shoe is the source of a black skid mark on your floor, it may also be the solution. We suggest using the rubber heel of this sneaker to rub out any marks of this kind. A second solution is Goo Gone. We use it on every type of sticky residue and it never fails us – or our customers.

Carpet Comes Clean

Don’t cry over spilled milk, wine, or juice – wipe it up right away! By pressing a towel onto your carpet to absorb the fluid, you prevent wetness from soaking deep into your carpet to the pad below, where hard-to-remove contaminants love to hide.

Spilled something really icky, like blood? Perioxide helps coax deep, clinging stains to the surface before they embed for good. Pour a little on and, once it bubbles up, dab with a cleaning cloth to absorb the moisture.

Window Shine

If your kids have ever plastered your windows with stickers, you know what a sticky, impenetrable mess awaits you. Goo Gone, our favorite gunk-remover, does an excellent job of removing this stuck-on mess. Simply apply Goo Gone with a Q-Tip or cotton swab and let stand for a few minutes. Then, use the same sticker or cotton swab to remove the residue and voila! Clean window. Multiple applications may be necessary, but the result will be a shining window.

Have cleaning tips you’d like to share with us? Post them below!

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