How to Efficiently Dispense Cleaning Chemicals

liquidMost businesses that employ janitorial services have a janitorial closet, which provides storage space for cleaning supplies and tools that commercial cleaners use when they visit your business. Whether you run a school, factory, or office, keeping your janitorial closet organized is the best way to make certain that all supplies are there and ready, right when your team needs them, boosting efficiency and reducing time-related costs.

However, storing and dispensing chemicals takes extra strategy to prevent contamination and safety hazards and ensure that appropriate amounts of cleaners are provided for each job.

Closet Space and Dispensing Chemicals

Storing separate items requires some planning. Wall-mounted proportioners are excellent where space allows and provide the proper dilution. However, if space is limited, wall-mounted dispensing systems may not fit. Other solutions include:

1. Portion control packets:

Packets that contain the exact amount of cleaning chemicals needed take the guesswork out of mixing chemicals and ensure that the right amount combines every time. Janitors need only add a specified amount of water, and voila! Ready to clean!

Portion packs also allow the cleaning company to track the use and cost of chemicals, allowing for proper budgeting and the best price possible for the completion of your job.

2. Job cards:

Another excellent method of organizing cleaning chemicals is to assign number-and-color-coded cards on each cleaning cart, to ensure that janitors select the appropriate chemical packet for each task.

3. Portable dispensing:

Another excellent method of chemical storage is portable dispensing, which can create space in stuffed janitorial closets. These RTD (ready-to-dispense) units can be used anywhere with a water source. Bottles are equipped with a dial on the handle, used to correct the dilution ratio when mixing product. By adding water to the bottle, chemicals mix effortlessly, ready for the job at hand.

Another benefit of RTD systems is their portability. These systems can be throughout a facility or to multiple job sites, making cleaning simple, neat, and space-efficient.

4. Wall-mounted dispensers:

Finally, if you do have extra space, investing in wall-mounted units is an excellent way to ensure janitorial staff can find and use cleaning chemicals easily. If considering wall mounts, be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much wall space is available for use?

  • How close is the closet to a water source?

  • How many chemicals do various jobs require?

Whatever chemical storage structure you decide upon, the best choice will be space efficient and limit janitors’ exposure to harsh chemicals. Optimized closet storage benefits both you and your commercial cleaning company by making cleaning supplies easily accessible yet out of the way of industrial functions, school children, and office settings. For janitorial services you can trust, contact Camberg Commercial Cleaning! Our staff are knowledgeable and passionate about exceeding your expectations.

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